This Is Not a Drill: Where to Score Dior Shades Half Off

Photo: Dior

Photo: Dior

Optica, the luxury eyewear store on the fourth floor of Westfield San Francisco Centre, is not long for this world. Retail's latest victim is the best optical shop you never knew about, which had a ridiculously good selection of Chanel, Dita, Morgenthal Frederics, Chloe, and Dior frames.

Based on the location in Westfield's restaurant rotunda, you might be surprised that it (1) was a goldmine for cool specs, and (2) lasted as long as it did. Both points are now moot since it was close forever on Saturday, June 10.

Most of the stock is already gone, but there is a selection of Dior and Chloe sunnies still available and priced half off. These aren't just the dregs: in the Dior case, I spotted the So Real, Reflected, and Split sunglasses, which retail between $450 and $650 each. Granted, they'll still be expensive, but that's a significant discount. There's also a case of child-size Ray-Bans if you have a kid or like to spoil someone else's offspring.

Hurry in if you've been dreaming of new shades, because I doubt they'll last long.