Practice Makes Perfect for Moxie Yoga Instructor Colleen April

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

 "I've been called a drill sergeant more than once—direct but not demanding," Moxie yoga instructor Colleen April admits. For Colleen, that directness comes from confidence in her craft. "I teach what I know: an anatomical understanding of how yoga can most healthfully and efficiently create stronger, optimally functioning bodies."

Colleen found yoga after after spinal fractures sidelined her from competitive sports. She started teaching unofficially in 2010, and completed her certification in early 2015. (Fun fact: In addition to her yoga training, Colleen studied holistic health.) These days, Colleen's helping both her students at Moxie Yoga Fitness and her private and corporate clients find their own paths toward stronger, healthier bodies. 

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

Rockyt: How do you prepare for the classes you teach?

Colleen: I practice and I listen. I have the benefit of working with students on a regular basis, so I build sequences that help them progress towards their goals. Whatever they want to do, I work on in my home practice and bring back to the studio.  

Rockyt: How do you cross train?

Colleen: I think cardio and strength training are important so I run three times a week and incorporate weight lifting at least one to two times a week.

Rockyt: What are your favorite studios or locations for cross-training?

Collee: I love running outside. I take an 8-10 mile route past the Presidio, Crissy Field, the Marina, Fort Mason Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and finish up around the Embarcadero. It is always so beautiful, even when Karl is rolling through and you can’t see the bridge. As far as studios/gyms, I like the TRX Training Center, and I actually don’t belong to a gym. My husband belongs to Planet Fitness, and I go as his guest. (It’s always better to work out with a buddy).

Rockyt: Do you take rest days?

Colleen: Yes, I think rest days are important and I take two a week. My rest days include naps with my puppy, some form of fresh pressed juice or coconut water or something along those lines for added hydration, and an epsom salt bath.

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

Photo courtesy of Colleen April

Rockyt: How did you become a yoga instructor?

Colleen: I found my way to teaching after using the practice to heal from competitive sports injuries. After multiple spinal fractures, doctors weren’t optimistic I could do much more than walk. That wasn’t an acceptable prognosis from my perspective, so I decided to try yoga. A few years later I started my training with Tiffany Cruikshank, the founder of Yoga Medicine, and received the first of my certifications as a yoga instructor.

Rockyt: What's the best thing about teaching at Moxie?

Colleen: The best thing about Moxie is the community. We’re smaller, so it’s easy to get to know all of my students. I thrive on growing with my students and Moxie offers me a chance to do that. I’ve been working with some students regularly for a little over two years now and it’s inspiring to watch them progress.  

Want to practice with Colleen? You can catch her at Moxie Yoga in Nob Hill (1501 Taylor Street) teaching power yoga, hot yoga, Moxie Elevate, and Moxie All Levels.