Hey, Hot Mamas! Buru Is Popping Up in San Francisco This Week

Photo: Buru

Photo: Buru

Years ago, I thought it would be brilliant if there were a store or website that stocked cute clothes that cool moms would actually want to wear; pieces that could stand up to the demands of taking care of kiddos. Thankfully, Morgan Hutchinson had the same thought, because I certainly never did anything about it.

Hutchinson created Buru after becoming frustrated with a lack of stylish clothes that could work for new moms. (Pullover crewneck dresses for work? Umm...not when you're nursing.) Hutchinson handpicks the pieces on Buru for "their ability to withstand the demands of motherhood, without sacrificing style."  And if you're just not into styling yourself, Buru's lookbooks will take the guesswork (and time) out of building outfits.

Okay, okay. Buru exists online, but you want new clothes, in real life, right now? This is your lucky week! The Buru van is popping up at Margaret Elizabeth (2230 Chestnut Street) on Thursday, August 3 from 11 am–3 pm. Shop for clothing outside. Wander in and buy some new jewelry inside. Bada bing, bada boom, you have a hot, new outfit before the weekend.

And if you want to squeeze in a little online shopping to warm up for the pop-up, check out the State Sale happening on Buru. You can save 75 percent with the code "CALIFORNIA" for 48 hours only.