If You Vacay Without Heart-Shaped Sunnies, Did You Really Vacay at All?

Photo: Nordstrom

Photo: Nordstrom

There are certain existential questions that will always prompt debate in society. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to Boomerang it, does it matter? And, in the context of summer travel, is it possible to say that you had a vacation if you don't have photos in heart-shaped glasses?

Bloggers from coast to coast are cheesin' it up in the cutesy style, most frequently in either the original $490 Saint Laurent LouLou glasses (featuring asymmetrical hearts that are bigger on the far left and right sides), or a more budget-friendly riff on the YSLs. But if metal, symmetry, or sideways hearts are more your speed, there are lots of sweet-as-pie options for you, too.

Below, we've pulled together 11 options ranging in price from, "ZOMG, you want how much?" to "Is it ethical to buy something so cheap?" Click any photo below to shop, and don't forget to 'gram your new shades.

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