Score a Hard Strictly Look for Next to Nothing... On Your Way to Hardly Strictly

Photo:  Neon Stian  for Sand Shed

Photo: Neon Stian for Sand Shed

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass—the free, three-day music festival in Golden Gate Park—returns this weekend, and you need to wear clothes to it. Avenues Dry Goods can help.

For those who haven't attended in the past, HSB is a gem of an event, featuring more than 90 musicians on seven stages in the park. And it's free. As in free. Venture capitalist Warren Hellman started the festival in 2001, driven by his love of bluegrass music. Though the scope has shifted beyond strictly bluegrass, Hellman has been subsidizing the event ever since.

But we were talking about festival outfits. Let's get back to that.

Since you don't have to spend a zillion dollars on tickets for HSB, why not treat yourself to a hardly-strictly full-priced outfit? ADG and Sand Shed are selling loads and loads of vintage and upcycled clothing for $5-15 bucks this weekend. That includes festival-ready floral dresses, denim jackets, flannels, western wear, and more.

Photo: Avenues Dry Goods

Photo: Avenues Dry Goods

If you really want to add a twist to your festival challenge, turn this sale into an America's Next Top Model challenge. Go with friends. Set a budget and a time limit to shop. Make a pact that you'll wear whatever you buy at the sale. (Fact: I've actually done this before, and it's a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspo, Tyra.)

Whether you're going full ANTM or simply looking for a new jacket, stop by ADG on your way to HSB from 2-7 pm Friday, October 6, or 11am-6pm Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8. There will be champagne, deals, plus the usual shop fare of locally-made goods from Bay Area artists and craftspeople.

There aren't many times when you can say, "let's go shopping in the Outer Sunset on our way to..." so take advantage of the opportunity.


Avenues Dry Goods is located at 4120 Irving Street between 42nd and 43rd Avenues.