This Locally-Made Tote Is a Friendsgiving MVP

Photo via Aplat

Photo via Aplat

Pop quiz: You need to transport a pie or a casserole from your kitchen (Point A) to your friend's apartment (Point B). You just pulled said dish from the oven, and you don't have time to let it cool before you hop in a Lyft for Friendsgiving. How do you carry the dish without burning yourself?

The scenario repeats itself in my house. It used to be a real problem—until I stumbled on Aplat

You've probably seen Aplat Culinary Totes at Heath Ceramics or at one of the city's many maker fairs. You may have even picked one up...and immediately returned it to the display upon learning that they ring in between $46 and $68. I get it. That's a lot of money for a canvas tote. But this isn't an ordinary canvas tote. 

The genius of the Aplat design is that you can slip a hot dish into the tote without shifting its contents, and you can keep a dish flat while transporting it. Think of it like using a tray to carry a dish, except considerably more convenient.

I bought my first Aplat about four years ago, and added a second, larger one to my collection last year. (That's it for me, by the way. I'm not trying to collect every color.) I've given these as holiday gifts and hostess gifts, and everyone is wowed by them.

Whether you're looking to win Friendsgiving or your office Santa Swap, the Aplat tote is the sleeper candidate for holiday MVP. Order yours now, or buy it IRL at Heath.