Almost 30 Founders Dish on Healing, Hormones, and Coming to the Bay Area

Photo via Almost 30

Photo via Almost 30

Multi-hyphenates are all the rage. Who wants to limit herself to being a singer or an actor or a fitness guru when she could be all three? Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are perfect examples. Williams is a social media influencer and creator of The Hundred Blog, and Simcik is an actress, singer, model and SoulCycle Senior Instructor. Together, the two co-host Almost 30, the top health podcast on iTunes, and they're bringing their show to San Francisco for a special two-day event June 23-24.

Almost 30 is Williams and Simcik's outlet for honest conversations on wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and self-development. The pair describe it as "real, raw, and unfiltered."  On Saturday, June 23, Simcik will be leading a special SoulCycle ride at 2095 Union Street for the #Almost30Nation. (Don't worry, participants of any age can sign up.) The ride starts at 2 pm and costs $32. (Shoes and water, if you need them, are extra,) On Sunday, June 24, the Almost 30 party continues with a conversation with the girls and Millana Snow. The event will begin with a grounding meditation and a healing session from Snow. Tickets for the event are $30

We caught up with Williams and Simcik to ask a few questions about why they chose to come to San Francisco and what you can expect from the weekend.

Rockyt: Why take a podcast on a seven-city tour?

Almost 30: The podcast is so much more than just a podcast now. It's a huge community of women who were begging us to take our events beyond LA and on the road. We kept having events and our listeners were really craving for us to bring some of the wellness, inspiration and raw authentic connection to them. It's all about the connections that the ladies make IRL, when they're having these deep meaningful conversations with one another. We've done two cities thus far, and have been blown away at the community that's built in one night. It's a beautiful thing!

Rockyt: How did you choose the cities on your tour?

Photo via Almost 30

Photo via Almost 30

Almost 30: We based the cities on where our listeners are, and where they told us to go. San Francisco is one of our favorite cities, and our producer, Chloe, is from the Bay Area. She was rooting for San Francisco before we even wanted to go on tour. It was the first event to sell out, and we couldn't be more excited to hang with all the awesome Bay Area babes.

Rockyt: Which issue resonates most with your listeners?

Almost 30: One of the most popular is our podcasts on hormone health; women just want to understand their options, and learn about what's out there as far as taking control of their health, and understanding hormones effect on their emotional and physical state. 

Rockyt: Millana Snow is providing Reiki healing services on site for participants. What can your participants expect from that experience?

Almost 30: During her healing sessions, she heals each person in the room, so you can feel the effects right after and for the next few days. This event will be a great balance of good conversation and discussion about what it means to be well—hint: it means being real—then we'll do a deep grounding meditation with Millana! 

Rockyt: Your podcast deals with tackling the transitions from 20s to 30s. What is the toughest transition 20-somethings are facing as they approach their 30s? 

Almost 30: There are so many, it's hard to narrow it down to just one. During your twenties, you're graduating college, figuring out where to live, how to manage your finances, how to relate to others, what job you want to have—or if you want to have a job!—who to date, who to be... We want to make that transition less scary, more fun and provide the tools, guidance and resources to navigate any transition in your life.

For more information on the tour or the podcast, head to Almost 30's website. To score a spot in Lindsey's SoulCycle class on Saturday, June 23, click right here.