Head to Le Point for Wine and Skincare Tips Tonight


Maybe science is telling you that wine and skincare are incompatible, but Le Point is setting out to prove the naysayers wrong with a Monastery pop-up tonight, September 20, from 6-8pm.

Monstary founder Athena Hewitt will be hanging out to answer your questions her all-natural skincare line and the benefits of face oils and botanical beauty products. While you’re at it, sip on wine from Scribe to celebrate your near-completion of another week. And there’s more!

Monastery is bringing in their full product range for you to shop, and leaving a little something behind. Two lucky raffle winners will when prizes valued at $500 each. To further sweeten the deal, Le Point is offering 20 percent all new arrivals tonight.

Sure, you’re tired from a long week, but your Thursday night Netflix and Caviar plan can wait. Head over to Le Point (301 Valencia Street) tonight and treat yourself to a natural new beauty routine.