What the World Needs Now... Is Ken Fulk-Designed Birdies

It’s been an extra-busy season for Ken Fulk—and that’s saying a lot. The in-demand decorator, party planner, and bon vivant launched both a new membership club to inspire dialogue on art and design and a shoe collaboration with the slipper mavens at Birdies.

Fact: one of these is easier to check out than the other.

The Birdies x Ken Fulk collection—designed around an Animalia theme—features bright colors, bold prints, and four different animal faces. In a statement, Birdies explains, that the collection merges “Ken Fulk’s passion for animals with his love of rich fabrics and textures.”

“Known for his delightfully, irreverent style, Fulk turned to his favorite muses in the animal kingdom—leopards, peacocks, horses and dogs for inspiration. With a curated palette of jewel-toned silks and faux furs, each slipper is adorned with embroidered creatures hand-drawn at Fulk’s famous San Francisco Magic Factory,” the brand announced. All four styles retail for $165.

Birdies may be designed with a slipper-first mentality, but no one will blame you for wearing these flats out on the town where everyone can shower you with compliments.