Robbers Raided the Palo Alto Nordstrom's Gucci Stock

Photo: Gucci

Photo: Gucci

Did your plans this week include going to Nordstrom in Palo Alto and buying a Gucci bag? Then you may have left empty handed.

Dastardly thieves with expensive taste raided the Silicon Valley department store on Monday and ran away with about 50 bags, worth more than $100,000, NBC Bay Area reports. 

The number of people involved in the caper varies according to the news source. NBC, KTVU, and  KTSF peg it at 7-10 suspects, based on police reports, and the Palo Alto Daily Post reports that store employees said "between nine and 20 people, armed with knives and wire cutters, ran into Nordstorm at the Stanford Shopping Center at 8:37 (Jan. 8) and stole Gucci purses."

According to the Daily Post, members of the group were all wearing red or yellow hoodies, and they escaped in two cars: a Honda Accord with no license plates or a newer white Nissan Sentra. 

The official cops are investigating the robbery, but this sounds like a case better suited for the Cop Girls of Anomie. Store robbery? Security footage? Anomie owner Chelsea Moylan could solve this case before dinner.