Where to Get Your CrossFit on in San Francisco

Photo: Arena CrossFit via Yelp

Photo: Arena CrossFit via Yelp

The CrossFit Games are underway in Madison, Wis., and two athletes will walk away on Sunday with the title "Fittest on Earth" and $280,000 as their reward for another year of training. (Fun fact: the top 20 male and female athletes all receive cash prizes for their efforts.)

Each year, the Games serve up inspiration for non-elite athletes who are simply looking to transform their bodies. And the beauty of CrossFit is you don't have to be the "Fittest on Earth;" the workout can be adapted to any fitness level. As local trainer and self-proclaimed "CrossFit junkie" Caroline Jordan explains, "The workouts are completely scalable, which means that a new participant and a veteran can complete the same workout with changes in load and intensity. You become a well rounded athlete who can move well, perform well, and excel in the world."

Thinking about trying it? Most CrossFit studios, (or "boxes" in CrossFit parlance), offer a free intro class or a weekly community class to let you try a workout before committing. To find a box near your home or office, check out the map below. Each map point includes a link to the box's website, along with the address and phone number.

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