Flywheel's Jess Forseth Is in Perpetual Motion

Photo courtesy of Jess Forseth

Photo courtesy of Jess Forseth

If scientists could harness Jess Forseth's energy, America would no longer need fossil fuels.

Forseth's workout routine is unreal. Scroll through her Instagram and you'll see her bouncing from Barry's to Core40 to TRX to yoga to race after race, and—wait—is she lacing up her running shoes again?

Sure, we all have the "fitness friend" who hits up multiple classes a day—that person who makes unlimited class packages untenable for businesses. Jess, however, takes it a step further because she's also the lead instructor at Flywheel, the metrics-based indoor cycling chain. On top of weights and running and Pilates, this woman is traveling between the Flywheel's studios in Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco to teach 14 classes each week.

Formerly the retail planning manager for Levi's U.S. stores, Forseth left her old corporate gig to work full-time at Flywheel earlier this year. "It's such a fun, inspiring environment. There is absolutely nothing like the connections you get to make with riders on a daily basis and watching them just crush their goals," she says. As the lead instructor for the Bay Area, Forseth manages the team, schedule, and training for new instructors, in addition to teaching 

How, exactly, does her Fly life mesh with Bay Area commuting and cross-training? Read on to find out.

Rockyt: How did you become an instructor?

Jess:  I fell in love with health and fitness. The more connected I became in the community here, the more I knew I wanted to share my passion and help everyone else fall in love with fitness. I wanted to be the instructor that creates such a fun environment that you forget you're getting your ass kicked! Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone do something they didn't think they could do or achieve a personal best in class. I knew I needed my career to focus on helping others achieve their goals.

Rockyt: What's your average day like?

Jess: A typical day for me includes teaching two classes—sometimes three—between our three Bay Area studios, 1-2 hours of my own strength training workout, and meetings or training for Instructors.

Rockyt: How do you prepare for the classes you teach?

Jess: Most of my preparation is curating playlists and hunting down music and remixes. I spend a lot of time programming each class so it flows and is effective. 

Rockyt: How do you cross train?

Jess: Since I spend 8-12 hours a week cycling, I try to focus on strength training outside of Flywheel. It's essential to helping prevent injuries and staying strong on the bike. I love to add in a little running and plyo also to make sure I'm working in varied planes of motion. When I can, I sneak in some yoga too.

Rockyt: What are your favorite studios for cross-training?

Jess: Barry's Bootcamp, CorePower Yoga, or a run outside! San Francisco provides such a beautiful backdrop. 

Photo: Flywheel Sports

Photo: Flywheel Sports

Rockyt: Are you training toward a particular fitness goal right now?

Jess: Not at the moment. I am hoping to do another half marathon this year, or eventually start biking outdoors and complete a triathlon! So many goals.

Rockyt: Do you take rest days?

Jess: I try to take at least one day a week as I know it's so important! [It's] tough in this career, though. Typically, it's an active recovery day: yoga, a hike, walk, or something low impact.

To hop on a bike with Jess and start setting your own personal records, check out her schedule at Flywheel. And don't forget to watch for her in your non-Flywheel classes, too!