How Amy G Scores a Style Home Run at Spring Training

Amy G in Banana Republic, styled by Betina Baumgarten. Photo via Instagram

Amy G in Banana Republic, styled by Betina Baumgarten. Photo via Instagram

Most women who make the trip to Scottsdale for Giants spring training want to enjoy the sunshine, watch a little diamond action and cheer for the hometown team. Then there's Amy Gutierrez—the Emmy-winning sports journalist better known as Amy G.—who reports on the team for Comcast Sports Net. If you thought filling your suitcase for spring training was hard, imagine what it's like for the only female broadcaster covering the Giants.

Amy has attended spring training consistently since 2005, covering the Giants since 2008. When she's in Scottsdale each season, she tries to take in at least one game as a spectator instead of a broadcaster. For off-duty games, she says, "My outfits don't differ as much as my hair and makeup. I don't do my hair or makeup, and a ponytail and fedora become my go-to," Gutierrez explains. "I will also wear shorts as a spectator, but as a reporter I try to step up my look with pants and/or a skirt or dress. The nice thing about spring training is I can wear a dress! That's not an option for most games at AT&T Park."

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Some people have to comb through their closets or hit the stores for the perfect getaway look. Amy's stylist Betina Baumgarten, did the searching for her, pulling pieces from Trina Turk in Burlingame (1223 Burlingame Avenue), Banana Republic, Athleta, and local stores around Amy's stomping grounds in Marin and Petaluma. (You can check out a few of the pieces in the slide show below.)

According to Betina, the cardinal rule of dressing a broadcaster is that the outfit must have pockets. Then there's color. Orange is Betina's go-to shade because it's a Giants team color and it complements Amy's skin tone and blue eyes. "The only color we really avoid at all costs is any medium-hued blue...because of a certain Southern California team that shall remain nameless," Betina explains. 

Beyond color, Amy also has to dress for the weather. "These games are hot, especially day games," Amy says. "I often wear white and always bring something to sit on since the dugout isn't exactly the cleanest place. Most importantly I wear something that is comfortable. I need to concentrate on my job and a comfortable outfit allows me to do so." With those parameters in mind, Betina looks for light, breathable fabrics that fit and flatter." (By contrast, for AT&T Park, Betina would steer Amy toward layering pieces to add dimension and keep her warm.)

Amy and Betina make final decisions about what to wear and when long before Amy sets foot on the field, but Betina ensures that Amy always has a backup plan ready to go.  "It's a good thing to have in fashion—and in life!"

There may be rain and fog waiting for Amy when she returns to San Francisco next week, but for now, she's serving up major league style in the desert.