The Primer That Will Give You a Post-Sex Glow

Photo by iconogenic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by iconogenic/iStock / Getty Images

A couple years ago, I was writing a piece on Kevyn Aucoin makeup, and I asked Courtney Mark—one of best makeup artists I've worked with in San Francisco—to help me with a day-to-night tutorial. When I gave her the items that we could play with, she snatched The Primed Skin Developer from the tray and said, "I looooove this stuff. When I started using it, my boss told me I looked like I had been having really good sex."

Courtney's newfound glow, (at that time, at least), was actually this $68 priming potion. The serum is available in both normal to oily and dry to normal formulas, and it binds moisture to your skin to keeps you looking healthy and dewy, (but not shiny), all day. 

There are a few ways to use the primer. One is to apply it before foundation. (I rarely wear foundation, but I'll use it before my BB cream.) A second option is to mix the primer with your foundation. SpaceNK suggests blending it with a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand until you achieve your desired coverage, then using a foundation brush or fingertips to apply it to your face. I picked up the same tip from a Sephora makeup artist years ago; adding primer or moisturizer will dilute the foundation to give you coverage without so much weight.

The third option doesn't involve makeup at all: you can actually use The Primed Skin Developer as a nighttime treatment mask. After your normal evening skin care routine, apply a layer all over your face before bed. You'll wake up with refreshed-looking skin.

The primer smells somewhat powdery, so you'll either find it glamorous like Chanel No. 5, or kind of Chanel No. 5. It's not a strong fragrance, but it's not fragrance-free. If you're super-sensitive to smells, test it in real life before buying.

Your love life may be giving you all the glow that you need, and—seriously—kudos to you if it is, but if you wouldn't mind extra radiance, you can find The Primed Skin Developer in San Francisco at SpaceNK.

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