Where to Shop for Cute Workout Gear in San Francisco

 Image via Victoria's Secret

Image via Victoria's Secret

No one expect you to dive into a fitness plan without cute new workout clothes—that would be barbaric. If you're looking for a little more motivation to drive you into a routine, it's time to stock up on Lycra and mesh. Your soon-to-be-beach body isn't going to dress itself, after all.

The San Francisco fitness apparel scene been through a lot of changes over the last year. The Lucy stores are closing as the brand merges into North Face, and Nike's Union Street store in Cow Hollow is gone. On the flip side, we've had additions like Sweaty Betty, Outdoor Voices, and the Sweatbar pop-up shop open.

So where should you get started with activewear shopping?

The most obvious solution for anyone tip-toeing into the fitness apparel market is Lululemon. There are three store locations in San Francisco, and the ubiquitous brand clothes many a well-toned body around the city. (Plus, their pants, while expensive, last for years.) There is, however, life beyond the 'lemons. Want reversible leggings? Try Sweaty Betty. Need a cute sports bra that supports a D-cup? Try the Victoria's Sport line at Victoria's Secret. Want to keep your money local? See Jane Run may be gone, but A Runner's Mind, Sports Basement, and Fleet Feet Sports remain.

Below, I've mapped the best spots in the city for gym clothes at a wide range of prices. Click on the map points for additional information about each location. The highest concentrations of shops are around Union Square and Cow Hollow; if you want to increase your odds of finding your perfect fitness fit, start in one of those neighborhoods.